Our prepress and design department will help you to make the design of your print and prepare professional print even the most complex color prints.

If you want your logos and the picture to print correctly is important to make advanced file processing. Best results are achieved when the specific design is consistent with technological options for printing, and the equipment of the print.

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Using the latest innovations, we can print the most complex images, thanks to a long-years experience and advanced equipment (pictures, color pictures, special effects, your transfers, glitters, inflatable effects, headgear, umbrellas).

We own an automatic machine for multicolor printing on textiles.
• printing of textiles
• print shirts (pictures) and other textile products (bags, etc.).
• NEW - direct and transfer printing colorful hats (photos)
• NEW - print umbrellas - Multicolor - large and small print runs

Our optimal capacity is up to 2000/day.
We had orders from 120 000 t-shirts in a month.
In order to help you for a better service, We offer textile finished products of leading companies for the production and trade under preferential conditions.

T-shirts suitable for advertising purposes, clothing and more - Catalogue

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Hats - various models - Product

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In order to shorten the deadlines and offer you a new and better service purchased and implemented new equipment. 12-06-2010
Introducing modern technologies, allowing printing color images (pictures) on textiles. ...